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Vanessa Marie

" I'm a artist who tells love stories through photographs."

I'm just your average girl who goes out of her way to step on crunchy leaves, and I'm really good at singing off tune when I'm in the car or shower. I embrace my Spanish side by eating as much Spanish food as possible. And sometimes I like to pretend I know what my parents are talking about when they speak my "supposedly" native tongue by saying "si" to everything. Oh, and I love pictures.

My love for photography most likely started with my grandmother's albums. I would sit on Abulea's lap as she showed me of a time before I was born. I saw my mother and her twin in matching outfits and pigtails completed with devious little smiles. And then there was my Abuela in her hippie days... a hippie! Her albums told me stories of our family and inspired me to create my own.

So why a wedding photographer? Well, it's simple. I'm a romantic sap who believes in Love. I enjoy the feeling I get when I look at my own photos that I wanted to share those feelings with others, and since I've always been enamored with weddings, it wasn't long before I had this crazy idea of becoming a wedding photographer.

When I am not photographing weddings, you can find me at home with my dashing husband and second photographer, Jorge, and our little animal farm - the mutt, Logan and two rabbits, Oppa and Bunny (what can I say? We are animal lovers).

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