Are you looking for jobs in Malta?


If you consider finding a Job in Malta you probably have already heard about the island. I lived and worked in Malta for 4 years and had a great time. I was working in the iGaming industry there which covers the online gambling sector. This includes poker, betting, casino and bingo as the primary categories. However Malta jobs are much more than just iGaming.  If you  have made up your mind to live and work in Malta I would give you some brief ideas what kind of jobs you can look for.

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List of job types you might consider applying for in Malta

Below you will find different job types that I noticed was occupied a lot by foreigners in Malta. Maltese jobs might or might not pay as much as you are used to depending on your country of origin. I will try to give an indication of how much you probably could earn in each job.

Waitress in a bar or restaurant

You can find jobs in Malta within the tourism industry. Some where you work as a waitress in restaurants. Malta has a lot of tourist and from May to September there is a good season for finding jobs. Expect to get paid between 4-6 euros per hour plus tips.

Chef in a restuarant

I have known a few guys who worked as chef’s in the hotel restaurants. So this is also an opportunity. I have no exact figure for how much your salary would be but expect aorund 600-1000 euros per month. You can look for a job as a chef in either the newspaper  or general vacancies that I link to above. You can also try contact the hotels individually and ask.

Bartender in the famous bar street in Paceville

A job as a bartender in a bar street might be more fun and leading to a larger network of friends since your social interaction might be higher than working as a waitress. However the working hours and the busy peak hours are also more demanding and stressful. The pay is no better unless you are a good looking girl who can flirt your way around to a lot of tips.

iGaming business

The iGaming business is one of the largest industries in Malta and you will find it everywhere. I-gaming is the political correct word for online gambling which covers Poker, betting, bingo and casino or baccarat online. Malta is Europe’s answer to the Cayman Islands. So here you can find jobs within all kind of services ranging from hard core IT programmer to Business directors. The pay for these jobs also vary depending what market you represent and what your regular base salary is from your home country. For some countries the salary will be a lot higher and for others it will be a bit lower . The argument you will hear if the salary is lower will be that the tax rate is lower as well or maybe the cost of living will be an argument.

If you want to work with the iGaming industry try to visit the website of a recruiter called Pentasia. Here you will find a list of currently available jobs and also they will be happy to have a talk with you if you submit your CV.

casino jobs in malta

Customer service / Call center jobs

In Malta you will also find a wide range of customer service jobs. There are large office building hosting big call centers. For the big gambling companies like for instance  Unibet the whole office building is occupied by only them. For smaller companies maybe one building host 20 offices with one company in each. Most of the customer service or call center jobs are also to be found within the iGaming industry. This would pay between 1000-2000 euro depending on which country you are from and how much experience you got.

Visit Pentasia for more info about call center and customer service jobs also.

Tour guide

You can work as a tourist guide or be the one selling tours. Malta has a lot of tourist attractions and many foreigners work as guides taking their own nationals around speaking in the home language. Another opportunity could be to be the one selling the tours. For instance many foreigners are selling around the harbor tours. If you are the actual tour guide you will get paid much better than if you are the one selling the tour. Expect to get paid 500-1500 for being a tour guide and 4-8 euro per hour for selling tours.

Language school teacher

There are maybe 50 language schools located in Malta. Every year during the peak season from March to October they look for teachers. If you have teaching skills and would like to teach mainly Asians and southern Europeans finding a language school teaching job is a possibility. You would get paid around 600-1000 depending on you qualifications.

A good way to start would be to click my link below to a list of all language school in Malta and contact the ones you like one by one to see what they can offer and if they need teachers.

Hotel receptionist

You can also work in the hotels. Malta is a very big tourist destination and all big hotels are located here: Hilton, Intercontinental, Radisson and many more. But also local hotels hire foreigners so a good way to start would be to find the hotels with a location you like and start contacting them one by one.